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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 12, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. it's thursday, november 12th, 2009. and this morning, we take you inside the apartment of the alleged ft. hood shooter. looking for clues. and we tell you why the terrorism trackers missed the fact that he'd bought a gun. an abc news investigation. soggy sequel. tropical storm ida dumping eight inches of rain. 20-foot waves. and forget the car keys. get out the canoe. and they said this woman was statal attraction. sending letters to her lover's wife. for the first time, the woman at the middle of the espn scandal
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breaks her silence. a "gma" exclusive. and get your country on. robin roberts, front and center, at country music's big night. what happened behind the scenes at the cma awards? and good morning, america. i'm here in new york city. i'm diane sawyer. robin, still in nashville, after the big music event last night, the cma awards. loved that red, robin. >> oh, thank you so much, diane. we're still here in music city, usa. and we're in the ryman auditorium this morning. former home of the grand ole opry. it was a grand night for country music. especially for 19-year-old taylor swift. she was four for four last night. we're going to take you behind the scenes. some things you did not see last night. all that is coming up. first, let's get the
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overnight news and the latest in the ft. hood investigation. diane? >> of course. i'm with chris cuomo, anchored our coverage from the ft. hood shootings. there are new clues about the military psychiatrist that reportedly took aim. >> absolutely one of the big questions that morning is how did major hasan get these weapons. and if terrorism officials were watching him, how did they not know? pierre thomas, tracking down the answers this morning. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. today, investigators continue their furious hunt for possible missed signals. and they found that sometimes federal law places restraints on the sharing of critical information. and we're learning more about the suspected shooter's state of mind. this morning, for the first time, we get to see nidal hasan's apartment. from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bedroom. room after room, it looks cleaned out. like he had decided to get rid of all of his worldly possessions.
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perhaps a hint hasan never intended to return home. >> he had a bed in there and some shelves. and that's basically all he had. >> reporter: there were only remnants of hasan's interests, including a book entitled "dreams and interpretation." meanwhile, investigators continue to con trukt hasan's recent life. the more they did, the more they turned up signs of that foretell the horror to come. >> that gap is wide. it's gaping. and it still hasn't been closed eight years after 9/11. >> reporter: in august, hasan went to this gun store, sources say, and legally purchased the gun that was used to massacre soldiers at ft. hood. an fbi background check was done on hasan when he purchased the pistol. but that information was never shared with a joint terrorism task force. but that was never shared. under federal law, fbi officials who do firearm backgrounds checked were banned about sharing the information about hasan's gun purchase.
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>> we have not at all improved coordination between those who watch terrorism. and those who monitor who can buy a gun. why the heck wouldn't they allow this information to go to the anti-terrorism authorities? it makes you scratch your head in wonderment. >> reporter: the fbi's background check unit does red flag some purchases, involving the highest priority terrorism suspects. but that doesn't include everyone the government has concerns about. and there's more evidence suggesting deadly intentions. this morning, there are reports that hasan had a laser sight on his pistol to increase accuracy. chris? >> all right, pierre. thanks for the reporting this morning. of course, there's a lot of focus on the alleged shooter. but we cannot forget the aheros in this story. now, we're joined live, by one of the police officers who fearlessly put his life on the line to help put an end to this rampage. sergeant mark tord, in killeen this morning. thank you, sergeant, for joining
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us. >> good morning. >> you and sergeant kim munley. you get there about the same time. but you took different routes around the building. will you take us to when you first saw kim munley, and that she had been shot. and what that was like. >> when we first approached the scene, there was a slight incline that we have to go up. and the bystanders were pointing in the direction of the suspect. and as we came up to the crest of the hill, that's when we seen the suspect. and he opened fire on us. and she broke to the right. and i broke to the left. and we both took cover. and then, he went to a different direction. and then, i came around to the front of the building. and then, he reengaged me at that point. and then, i neutralized the threat. and then, we secured him and started life-saving measures on him. >> when you two separated, the next time you would see kim munley, she had been shot, right? >> i believe so. correct. >> and when you saw the shooter,
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what was he doing? >> at that point, he was standing by a telephone pole. and i got his attention. i gave him commands. you know, halt. drop your weapons. and he turned and fired on me. >> what did you see, or what did you sense in him? were you able to pick anything up in his eyes or anything he said? >> i can't comment on that right now. the ongoing investigation. >> so, you were firing at him. and he was firing back? >> yes, sir. >> now, did you take cover and have to pursue? how did the gun battle go down between the two of you? >> there's part of the investigations. i can't go too much into details. but what i can say is pretty much, he shot. and we shot. and then, we secured him. and saved his life. >> what goes through your mind when you see your partner on the ground? the man who shot her is still up and firing on other people?
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what is the sense of what you have to do there? >> is the immediate action is to secure him before we can treat any wounded. we have to make sure we secure the subject. once he's secured and the medics jumped in and started life-saving measures. there was no time to think. we relied on our training. secured the subject. then, started life-saving measures. >> 25 years on the job. you never had to be in a situation like this before. yet, the training put you right in the right frame of mind. >> correct. yes, sir. >> and after you shot him, is it true that once you put hasan on the ground and neutralized him, you immediately started to try to save his life? >> yes, sir. >> and that's because? >> as law enforcement, we have to protect life at all costs. irregardless of the situation. be it the subject or victims. once a subject is in our custody, we have to save his life. we can't just sit there and, you
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know, watch him die. we have to do everything we can to preserve life. >> an incredible mindset of humanity under that kind of stress. senior sergeant, thank you very much for relating the story. it's very good to meet you this way. and best to you going forward. >> thank you, sir. >> amazing story. gets more amazing every time you hear it. robin? >> it certainly does, chris. thank you. and now, nearby, in little rock, arkansas, a jury convicted a man in the brutal murder of a local tv anchorwoman there, anne pressly. the beloved anchorwoman was discovered in her home, october 2008, brutally beaten. and she died five years later. abc was in the courtroom yesterday. and steve osunsami, live, in little rock, with the latest on that. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this verdict brought relief to this young woman's family. in court, her mother raised her hand and said that she praised god. families on both sides of the courtroom burst into tears.
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it didn't take jurors long. in a few, short hours they found 29-year-old curtis vance guilty of murder, rape and burglary. in the final moments of the case, prosecutors held up two pictures of the little rock anchorwoman. one of how she will be remembered. and another that we won't show you, where her face was so bloodied and broken, her shattered jaw prevented her from breathing. outside the courtroom, her mother wept. her family, friends and co-workers, thanked the jurors were justice. >> it's taken a year to get to it. and nobody's more grateful than the parents and all the friends. we're relieved. >> i feel a sense of closure. there's a spirit in the newsroom that was looking forward to this day and this verdict. >> reporter: the same jury will decide today whether to spare vance's life. some in his family are begging the jury for mercy. and some are refusing to believe he's a murderer. >> anybody can be picked out.
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anybody can be done this to. >> reporter: arguments for and against the death sentence began shortly after the verdict was read. pressly's mother pleading for the lethal injection. saying her daughter's life needed to count. vance's family spoke, as well. they described a childhood filled with drugs, abuse, an absent father and a drug-addicted mother. testimony continues this morning. and jurors are expected to decide between life and death, some time today. robin? >> many are waiting for that. steve, thank you so much. a moment ago, i said she died five years later. of course, i meant five days later, after they found her brutally beaten in her own home. moments ago, i had a chance to speak with one of anne's closest friends and a colleague at katv, jessica dean. jessica, you were with anne's family after the verdict was read. what was their reaction? >> i think it was a big sigh of
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relief for everybody. it feels like we've held our breath over the last year. and we were finally able to exhale a little bit. there were tears. but i really think they were tears of joy and a lot of relief. >> jessica, i know this has been a difficult year for many there in little rock. and especially for anne's family. her mom was the one to find her that morning in her own home. couldn't even recognize her. barely could recognize her own daughter. how is her family holding up right now? >> they have been the most amazing pillars of strength. and they have set this example. and i know that they've drawn strongly from their faith. i know they have a great community of people around them here. and they really have, you know, enjoyed the benefit of having very dear friends here that have helped them get along. but, you know, patti's just grateful that she had anne in her life. that she got to be her mother for those 26 years. and we were all just a little
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better for having her in our lives. >> i had the privilege of meeting anne. and i know what a lovely person she lively, how funny, how talented. what do you want people most to remember about anne? >> well, she just had this light that shone so brightly on everybody around her. and she truly was that remarkable. that funny. that smart. that dedicated. she was the most loyal of friends. she was one of those people, when she said she was going to be there, she was there. and she was one of those people that made you laugh, from the belly all the way up. you know? and some of the hardest laughter that's ever come out of my body came from things she said or did. >> well, i know she made an impact there in little rock, in a short amount of time. and the good folks there at katv. there's something you're doing to continue her legacy? >> absolutely. we've got the anne pressly scholarship foundation, which is
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going -- as it is right now, it will go to a student who is interested in journalism, so they can pursue journalism. anne did. she loved it. >> well, it is. jessica, thank you so much for joining us this morning. please, give our best and our love to anne's family. thank you. and now, let's go back to new york. chris has the other major news of the morning, including the president with new concerns about afghanistan. chris? >> that's absolutely right, robin. good morning, again, everyone. president obama is considering whether to send more troops to afghanistan. he's asking his council to clarify an exit strategy. his questions of the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, a former military commander, advised him not to send more troops until the afghan proves it's a credible partner and can fight corruption. we have encouraging news about the foreclosure crisis. foreclosure filings fell in october, dropping 3%. but experts warn, too early to celebrate. they fear rising unemployment could cause another spike in
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foreclosures soon. boxer mike tyson and a celebrity photographer have been arrested after a scuffle at the los angeles airport. the photographer claims tyson hit him, causing him to fall and cut his forehead. tyson said he acted in self-defense, to protect his daughter. both men are vowing to press charges. and finally, just a wild tale for you. a 17-year-old from the canadian arctic is recovering after an amazing adventure. he's out hunting. a chunk of ice he's on, splits apart. sending him drifting for over 2 days, 30 miles in sub zero temperatures. that's enough, right? but making it worse, a polar bear crawls on to the ice that is with him. he says he has to shoot it in self-defense. eventually, rescuers parachute in and save him. he was treated for hyperthermia. they actually got stuck, as well. >> he had to spend the night with the cubs. he shot the mother. had to spend the night with the cubs. >> he didn't want to hurt them. they weren't threatening him. he left them alone.
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>> unbelievable. sam champion, do the weather for us. >> good morning, diane. good morning, chris. we're going to begin with what's left of ida. it was a tropical storm. it's thrown all of its moisture and energy into this coastal situation that is a nor'easter. it will be much worse for the mid-atlantic states than it was as a tropical storm on the coast of florida. our david kerley is on virginia beach this morning, trapped in the wind and the rain and the coastal flooding. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, sam. you saw this thing come ashore in the gulf a couple of days ago. boy, is it packing a punch now. this surf is normally three to four feet. they're talking about a surf of 10 to 20 feet over the next couple of hours. this storm is going to stick here, too, sam. and it's not just the waves. we're talking about a lot of rain. up to 6 to 10 inches of rain. they're really worried about flooding in low-lying areas. so, a lot of the businesses here in virginia beach and norfolk, just inland.
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the governor declared a state of emergency. they've been working closing floodgates. they're worried about this storm. it's going to stick here for basically the entire day and into tomorrow. sam? >> yeah, david. here's why it's worse than just that low. there's a strong area of high pressure to the north of it. the flow between the two of them is driving the wind in. it will hold the water in. and keep piling water on top of it. it is pushing rain and winds in that area. the wind may be more widespread than the rain. it will cause problems from new york city, to d.c., through roanoke and north carolina. we're talking about 3 to 6 inches. and the gusty winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour. another brand-new storm moves into the northwest. we'll talk about that in the next half hour.
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it's going to be a dreary one today. temperatures topping out at 51 degrees. cloudy skies. rain off and on. winds will be picking up out of the northeast 10 to 15 miles. gusting as high at 20. next couple days, same story. tapering off throughout the day on saturday. we get better into sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. we'll have more on that coastal nor'easter, diane. we have abc cameras there. twitter pictures are flying in. >> okay, sam. thanks. you could hear a number that
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could alarm you. we want you to know you don't have to be more alarmed. it's going to show the number of swine flu deaths, according to the cdc, has tripled from 1,200 to 4,000. it's not a medical change. it's a number change. the cdc has decided to include the estimated number of pneumonia deaths that could have been caused by the flu. nonetheless, 4,000 so far. we're going to bring in our medical editor, dr. richard besser. 4,000 at this point. does it mean this has peaked now? does it mean we're on the way to the number they gave us, 30,000 to 90,000 possible? >> i don't think it means either of those. it's too soon to say it's peaked. past pandemics have had waves in the fall. and then, there's a wave in the spring. we don't know if that's going to happen. even the number 4,000 is not bringing us anywhere near the predictions from september. i've been struck by how low the death rate has been for this
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pandemic. it may be partially because people are doing those things to prevent spread from person-to-person. like staying home when sick and getting vaccinated. >> you have a new site to go on to see where vaccine exists in your area. people are completely frustrated. >> that's been the biggest challenge for people. those people that want vaccine can't find it. diane, this is a really great website. it was just put out this week by google. it's at and if you type in your city, your location, this is los angeles. and i just put this in here. what it shows you. these red clinics. these are each clinics that have seasonal flu shots. the blue ones are clinics that have the h1n1 shot. and the striped ones here, have both. on the side, you'll see the hours of the clinic. and you can click on that and get a phone number. always call before you go, just to make sure that the information's up to date. there's only 20 states in here right now.
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here's little rock, arkansas. you can see there's very little information there, except for a couple train drug stories. and they all say temporarily out of stock. over time, they hope to have all 50 states in here. it will be a great way to find out where to go. >> you get a sense of the pattern. a sign of the times, i want to show you both. did you see this in italy. in churches there for holy water, they have dispensers. like the soap dispensers, in bathrooms. >> there's a lot of concern. the sign of peace now, in my church, you have to make the sign of peace. you can't shake hands. we'll be back. and the woman at the center of that sex skand am at espn, coming up.
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save even more with doorbusters this friday and saturday. plus, 60% off all outerwear for the family. go to to see everything on sale. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney good morning i'm meteorologist susan shrek. things are looking dreary for us. enough rain and wind, we're
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seeing coastal issues. we're looking at coastal flood watches and warnings. the light blue area is the watch area. dark green there is the warning area. then we have coastal or we have the gayle warning in the bay. two to three feet above normal as far as tides are concerned. rain on the radar streaming in. it's going to continue throughout the day today. overnight tonight throughout the day tomorrow. here's your 12-hour forecast. this morning we're looking at temperatures in the 40s. looking at rain and drizzle. windy conditions picking up this afternoon into this evening. 50 is where we'll top out. back into the 40s into this evening. let's check out the roads. here's kim. approaching the beltway, here on the west side you start to tap the breaks at liberty road. minor delays stretch to the 370 interchange and towards the baltimore national pike. good news at the harbor tunnel.
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southbound lanes have been reopened. earlier crash has been cleared. you can expect residual delays that probably last about 15 minutes. we have a crash at richie highway route 450. west timonium road. randalsville, crash at glen brook drive. usual caution. 41st street bridge, traffic is moving along, but roads are slick. please be careful. we'll be right back with your morning news update next.
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the search is on for a killer. dante parrish is his name. he was convicted of murder in 1999 and sentenced to 30 years in prison. he got out of jail in january. officers found jason madison gagged with a pillowcase,
7:28 am
stabbed in the neck and head and also raped. if you know where dante parrish is, call police right away. the state prosecutor says the mayor used hundreds of dollars worth of giftcards donated by developers intended for needy families. there could be a third man involved. his name is glen charlow. he allegedly donated giftcards to the mayor to use them for her church activities. remember to stay with abc2 for the latest on the mayor's trial. we'll have the latest on what's happening inside that courtroom. you can get updates 24/7 online at here's what we have coming up on good morning maryland at 9:00 this morning. a new program, a new direction and new era for the baltimore city police department.
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>> interaction by officers and less crime. we'll be standing by for motions that are just less than an hour away now in the trial of mayor dixon. we'll be live outside the courtroom to bring the latest information on what a judge will rule before opening arguments even begin this morning. it'll be a busy news day. stay with abc2 news all day long. we'll see you in half an hour. i
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and the cma award for album of the year goes to -- i'll let you do the honors, randy. >> "fearless," taylor swift. >> one of four times that young woman would hear her name, taylor swift. four cmas last night, including entertainer of the year. making history. the youngest ever to win that coveted award. and the first solo woman to do that in ten years. nine years ago, it was the dixie chicks. but last night, it was all about taylor swift. as we say good morning, america. i have made it to the stage here at the ryman auditorium. i'm finally somebody.
7:31 am
i'm finally somebody. this is fantastic to be here. my goodness. >> am i right, that all the guys she'd beat, she had once been the opening act for. >> good, little note there. that's right. i was asking brad paisley, among those that she beat out last night. he was a co-host last night. and i said, why is it so great right now in country music? i said what's the reason? he said, because of a 19-year-old. because of taylor swift. a little later, we're going to go behind the scenes. some things you didn't see last night at home, to give you a feel of what last night was all about. and tell you about some of the other winners, as well, from the cmas. and later on, dolly parton. can't wait for that. >> oh, that's right. and coming up, the first glimpse of the woman attacked by that 200-pound chimpanzee. her face disfigured horribly. she sat down with oprah. we'll have more on her story. first, we go to chris, again, for another woman making
7:32 am
headlines. >> yes. this woman. she's a young woman. and at the heart of the sex scandal, with former espn analyst, steve phillips. her name is brooke hunley. she made headlines when she delivered a letter to the wife of the man she was having an affair with. intimate details about the children. a birthmark on steve's body. and an offer to show text messages, chronicling the affair. this morning, brooke hunley is speaking out. telling her side of the story in a "gma" exclusive. and kate snow has that. good morning, kate. >> reporter: the salacious details were right there in the police reports. brooke hunley had gone to steve phillip's hope, uninvited and unannounced, to deliver a letter to his wife. i'm the woman he's been seeing for a while now, she wrote. i'm not just random girl he had sex with in parking lots. mrs. phillips called 911. >> wilton 911. what's your emergency? >> please hurry. i have a crazy woman who is involved in my husband.
7:33 am
and she's come to my house, to harm me and my children. >> reporter: steve phillips told police he had extreme concerns about the safety of his wife, my kids and myself. >> i'm not going to be ignored, dan. >> reporter: you've been compared to the character in "fatal attraction." you've been called obsessed, vindictive. i'm sure you've heard some of this. what do you say to that? >> i think people are so quick to make a judgment. it's almost like, here's a great story. here's a great chance for me to destroy a person, without any sense of thinking about the fact that there's a human being behind those words. i've been called things by the public that no woman should ever be called. >> reporter: saying what? >> i've been called the "c" word. i've been called a whore. i've been called a home-wrecker. >> reporter: was there a moment when you thought, my life is forever changed?
7:34 am
i can never go back? >> when, not only were tabloids covering it, but legitimate news was covering it. when joy leno was using my looks as part of his opening monologue, to get a cheap laugh. >> there's steve. okay. there's his wife. there's the mistress. put them together. what was he thinking? i realize you can't have steak every day. but, please. >> at that point, a person has their breaking point. that was my breaking point. i had a friend who had to come stay with me because he was concerned. >> reporter: that you might do something to yourself? >> that mentally, i would not be able to take much more. >> reporter: brooke hundley calls herself, a good girl that works hard. and never wanted to be involved with a married man. the perception is that this was a consensual relationship. that it was a loving affair.
7:35 am
>> legally, i've been advised not to speak about anything regarding him. >> reporter: phillips told police they had three sexual encounters. but in august, hundley filed an application for a prestraining order against phillips, which she later withdrew. saying he pursued her. and, quote, threatened me. stating that if i spoke a word of this to his wife, that he would ruin more than just my reputation. but could easily get me fired. on camera, hundley would only say this -- >> i was in a situation where i felt like, if i didn't do what was asked of me, then everything i had worked for for the past six years, everything i had done to establish myself as a successful media professional, could be gone like that. >> reporter: if you felt harassed, though, in any way, couldn't you have taken it higher? couldn't you have gone to h.r.
7:36 am
or someone? >> when you go to people who you feel like are close to you and that you can trust and they're quick to just shut you down, to tell you that, you know, nobody wants to hear about it, then you don't really have the confidence to want to go above them. you almost feel a sense of defeat. that, what's the point? >> reporter: hundley was ultimately fired from espn, after the case became public. in a statement, espn told abc news, our investigation determined that hundley's characterization of the events was inconsistent. espn also says, it has a clear and consistent policy against harassment in the pork place. we investigate all charges and take appropriate action. >> i obviously feel pain for anybody else that i may have brought into this situation. but i did things and i thought about things just as an avenue to get people to pay attention. >> reporter: you must
7:37 am
understand, though, what it looks like. i mean, for any wife, for any mom, to pick up a letter and read about their own children. i can imagine getting a letter like that and being scared. >> it's the same fear that i felt for months before. >> reporter: so, if people think you're a stalker, are they wrong? >> absolutely. i didn't at any time, working at espn, follow anybody around, wanting any sort of relationship with anybody. i didn't harass anyone. >> reporter: is there something you would want to say now to marnie phillips? >> the same fear that i heard in her. and i listened to that 911 call, after the fact. the same fear i heard in her voice was similar fear to how i had felt. and i would never have wanted anybody else to feel -- or to go through what i was going through. >> reporter: you brought that
7:38 am
on. >> i brought it on. but not intentionally. i simply wanted somebody to get upset enough to have an impact. to get me out of this horrific situation. >> reporter: steve phillips told police, it was his pulling back from the relationship that made hundley become erratic and delusional. but hundley says she was never in love with anyone at espn. if steve phillips were watching, is there anything you would want to say to him? >> anything between me and steve has been resolved. i take responsibil i i
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there's there's got to be a morning-after. the morning after the cma awards here in music city, nashville, tennessee. we're here at the legendary ryman auditorium. and i think about the many legends that have taken this stage at some point. we just saw a legend. we had a dolly sighting just a moment ago. she's all sparkly. she'll be coming up in our next half hour. but the stars were out last night. the cma awards. as chris said just a moment ago, this is your backstage pass. country's biggest stars came out in full force to celebrate
7:45 am
country music's hottest night. >> it's big. it's really big. >> this is a celebration of country music. >> reporter: from familiar faces. i was with you when you and the girls were picking it out. i thought this would be the one. do you feel good? >> yes. i love this dress. >> reporter: to some fresher ones. but the night really belonged to -- >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> i will never forget this moment because in this moment, everything that i have ever wanted has just happened to me. >> reporter: even fellow award winner, brad paisley, acknowledged that the 19-year-old sensation, owned the night. country music is really hot right now. it's very buzzy. >> it's her. that's what it is. this 19-year-old came in to show us how to do it. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> i never thoughts it was possible to win four cma awards in one night.
7:46 am
i'm so overloaded with excitement. ♪ the thing she had to >> reporter: taylor swift is the youngest person ever, and first solo female act in ten years, to win the coveted title of entertainer of the year. co-hosts brad paisley and carrie underwood added humor to the night. ♪ mothers don't let your babies grow up to be kanye ♪ >> reporter: the night was full of surprises. darius rucker proved he could top country charts, snagging artist of the year. >> you took a chance on a pop singer from south carolina. and thank you so much. >> reporter: you nailed it with your acceptance speech. >> it was from the heart. i don't mind that. i'm glad people know who i am. >> reporter: and for the hird third year in a row, sugarland
7:47 am
nabbed vocal duo of the year. >> not shocked, but surprised. it carries significance and emotional weight that this is brooks & dunn's last cma. >> reporter: with brooks & dunn's last performance at the cma awards, it was a night of legends. and making new ones. >> this has been the most magical night. >> now, taylor has even been to bed. she is on cloud nine. and rightfully so. and so many beautiful outfits we saw. if you're ever in nashville, you must come to the ryman. you see great outfits here. minnie pearl. always with the price tag. that hat, $1.98. no. it's priceless. porter wagner, of course. you know that's porter. and when dolly parton was inducted in the grand ole opry, right on that stage, this was
7:48 am
the outfit she was wearing. i saw her a short time ago. equally as sparkly, what she's wearing for us this morning. you'll see it coming up. >> we would expect nothing less from dolly. >> that's right. >> how big is this arena? it was hard to tell last night. it looked huge at times. >> oh. it's a big arena. that's where they had it last night. and the fans, they let so many fans come in. it was really great how many in country music, of course, very appreciative of their fans for making them who they are. >> all right. we'll be back with a lot more >> all right. we'll be back with a lot more "gma" in a moment. y strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages... so you breathe even better. and now get two free samples... and experience a better night's sleep for yourself. go to to try new breathe right extra.
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7:52 am
everyone, as we know, is talking about oprah's interview with the woman whose face was disfight you'red by that chimpanzee attack. we have more on that story chimpanzee attack. we have more on that story ahead. ributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol. and that along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol, it raises good. crestor is also proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects. while you've been building your life, plaque may have been building in your arteries.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist susan shrek. coastal flood watches and warnings. the watches are in the light blue color. the warnings are in the dark green. calvert and st. mary's have been upgraded to flood warnings. also we have a gayle warning for the chesapeake bay. looking at tides two to three feet above normal. taking a look, we have this radar picture showing all this rain coming in off the southeast and the ocean. that'll be with us through the
7:57 am
next couple of days. 47 degrees around the region this morning. windy, rainy. it'll be light in nature for the most part. 50 degrees is where we'll top out today. chilly and cold and windy and rainy. not the best day to be outside today. let's check out the roads. here's kim. >> we do have long delays on the northeast corner of the outer loop. harford road. way past providence road. give yourself plenty of time. we have serious incidents working around the area. southbound on the bw parkway. between patapsco avenue and 895. reports of an injury accident that blocks the two left lanes there. also block one lane in the northbound side. just maybe use 95 as an alternate. in western howard county, westbound route 32. a crash has that closed. traffic is being diverted onto
7:58 am
bertwoods drive. southbound route 194, anne arundel county, downed power lines block the intersection at langford road. hey, i just landed. yeah, i got your text. oh, that's excellent. yeah, great. perfect. really. uh-huh, are you kidding me? why does southwest airlines have so many flights a day? all right. yeah. no, i'll be there. that's why.
7:59 am
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"good morning america" continues with the hollywood burglar bunch. one of the key suspects in the so-called bling ring heads to court today. spilling secrets about their high-profile victims. the woman behind the veil. her face disfigured by a visual chimpanzee attack. nearly a year later, she talks about the day that changed her life forever. plus, the queen of country. the one, the only, dolly parton. we have her live with us in nashville. setting the record straight about some legendary dolly myths and answering your questions. ♪ it will drive you crazy if you let it ♪
8:01 am
♪ 9:00 to 5:00 what a way to make a living ♪ good morning, america. good morning. robin roberts, rockin' down there in nashville this morning. it's thursday. november 12th. last night, a morning to remember, with dolly here. >> yes. to borrow one of her phrases, we will always love dolly parton. she is live with us. in fact, she's not right here. i can see her. right here. but she is fantastic, as you know, diane. and so much that she's involved with. she is country music and so much more. so, we will talk to dr. dolly parton. we'll explain, a little bit later. >> we've got the queen of country today. we also have the queen of the crime drama. international best-selling author, patricia cornwell. so good, she doesn't make up stories. she investigates real stories. going to push her today about
8:02 am
this rumor that maybe angeline know jolie will play the lead of a movie that's being made. >> really? the scarpetta movie, huh? and the wonderful kate walsh will be here, with a sneak peek at what lies ahead on "private practice." can addison and mcsteamy rekindle their romance? first, chris has 2 news. >> for the first time, we're seeing inside the suspected gunman's apartment. that's what you're looking at right now. major nidal hasan, had almost cleared out everything. a possible sign he didn't plan on returning. we know that hasan bought his gun legally. and the fbi did a background check. but because of federal law, that information could not be shared with the terrorism task force investigating hasan at the time. president obama's asking his war council for more information about an exit strategy in afghanistan. he wants that information before deciding whether to send more
8:03 am
troops in the country. the u.s. ambassador is recommending against that. saying, the afghan government needs to prove it's a credible partner. there's reports out of denver that the couple at the center of last month's weather balloon hoax will plead guilty to misdemeanor charges tomorrow. authorities claim the heenes planned the stunt to get a reality tv show. they could get up to 90 days in jail. now, to the burglary spree in hollywood, allegedly run by teenagers, targeting celebrities. the suspect is due in court today. he confessed to the crimes and may be taking others with him. our lisa fletcher has more. >> reporter: paris hilton's pool. lindsay lohan's l.a. home. orlando bloom's backyard. most people couldn't get through the front door. but anyone can get a virtual view by accessing websites, the police say, hollywood's so-called bling ring, used to get up close and personal with celebrities. for a small fee, websites like this, not only take you behind
8:04 am
the gates and guarded entries. but give you what they claim are actual celebrity addresses. and even driving directions. the crime ring, starring some of the suspects on this surveillance video, included four teenagers, who got their hands on millions in jewelry, designer clothes and artwork. 19-year-old nick prugo, among those arrested. >> i think a kid armed with a computer and a sense of adventure, you could easily find yourself in some trouble. >> reporter: prugo confessed to being part of a group that broke into more than half a dozen celebrity homes. a leaked search warrant revealed he also named his accomplices to police. making him the target of a death threat. among the celebs victimized, paris hilton, megan fox, and rachel bilson. is this a case of hardened criminals influntsing, possibly naive kids? >> there's two layers of criminals here. there's a layer of kids. and then, there's a layer of additional adults, that took it
8:05 am
to the next level. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lisa fletcher, abc news, los angeles. let's lend here with hopeful information. a new poll found that 60% of americans livie ing with their families sat down to dinner at least five times the past week. and the survey found, home-cooked meals for the norm. it's time for the weather. sam champion. sam? >> good morning, chris. and tonight, chris, i'll have the mac and cheese, tonight, when we sit down as a family to have dinner. >> again? >> very nice. thanks, chris. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> i just want to get this in quickly because she's are shoe box gifts -- sized-gifts, for kids in need. if you want to make a donation, next week is their big push here. and what are the heads on the stick? >> this is our boss, dr. keith
8:06 am
drexler. >> are you letting him know you're not going to be at work today? >> he's with us. he's in bed at the hotel. asleep. >> he didn't come to the show this morning? >> he didn't. >> what's his name? >> keith drexler. >> get up, keith. get up. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with a live shot out of washington, d.c. d.c. is part of that system that we're talking about. that nor'easter in the mid-atlantics, delivering pounding wind and rain. those winds in d.c. are 35 miles per hour. they're worse on the virginia shoreline right now. that will co
8:07 am
little cloudy and cool in times square this morning. we'll have more in the next half hour. diane? >> okay, sam. thanks. and the woman whose life changed in an instant. the woman who was horribly disfigured in a vicious chimpanzee attack, is now speaking out for the first time. charla nash, speaking to oprah in that amazing interview on "the oprah winfrey show." nash says she was always strong and independent. but she's coming forward, despite of her face, because she doesn't want to be alone anymore. >> reporter: very brave woman. nash has spent the last nine months at the cleveland clinic, where she needs around-the-clock care. she has her own security guard to prevent tabloids from taking photos. nash came forward so people
8:08 am
could get a first-hand look of her injuries on her terms. we want to warn you that the images and sounds of this story are disturbing. >> reporter: it was the vicious attack that captured the world's attention. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> send the police. >>hat's the problem there? >> the chimp killed my friend. >> reporter: sandy herold can be heard making hysterical cries for help on this 911 call. while her 200-pound pet chimpanzee screeches in the background, mauling charla nash. >> he's ripped her face off. >> he ripped her face off? >> reporter: remarkably nash survived. but lost her nose, eyelids, lips, part of her jaw and hands in the attack. covered in a veil, she's bravely speaking out to oprah about that life-changing day. >> i couldn't judge what it was like. i don't want to wake up with nightmares. >> reporter: 55-year-old nash has endured countless surgeries. >> there you go. just wrapping you up now. >> reporter: doctors used part
8:09 am
of her leg to construct a new nose. they also rebuilt her tongue and cut a small hole in her face so she can eat. she will never see again, though, because doctors had to remove her eyes. nash says she wears the veil to avoid scaring people or facing insults. and doesn't ask many questions about her injuries. >> it's like less to worry. >> reporter: travis, the chimpanzee responsible for her attack, had lived with sandy herold for 14 years. he even appeared in this old navy special. but on september 15th, after a meal of fish and chips and ice cream, he became agitated because he wasn't allowed to go for a car ride. herold called nash to come over and help. nash said she always feared the chimp. >> he was big and scary. >> reporter: xanax was found in his system. herold admitted to putting it in his drink to calm him down. but she was forced to put the friend before the pet she called
8:10 am
her son. >> i stabbed him. he looked at me like, what did you do, ma. i told him i was sorry. >> reporter: police killed the chimp. charla nash is suing sandy herold for $50 million. herold's attorney released a statement saying, all of sandy's hopes and prayers are with charla and her daughter in this challenging time. nash hopes her story will serve as a warning. >> exotic animals are very dangerous. and they shouldn't be around. there's a place for them that is not in residential areas. that's for sure. >> reporter: nash said she'd like a face transplant. but the cleveland clinic tells us she's not a candidate at this time. she did lift her veil for oprah. but we chose not to show that image, due to its graphic nature. i spoke with police yesterday. they said a decision is imminent whether to press charges against sandy herold in this case. criminal charges. >> it was an astonishing interview yesterday.
8:11 am
thank you, andrea. and coming up next, back to thank you, andrea. and coming up next, back to nashville. . whoa! that's grandma! nothing was stirring, - not karah, not maya. - how did she do that? magic. grandma loves you. girls: good night, grandma. be there to read them a story every night. read to me again. new recordable storybooks, only at your hallmark gold crown store. one of many ways to find meaning inside. to build up his savings account. that's simple alright. use your debit card for everyday purchases and automatically build your savings. with keep the change®. only from bank of america.
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8:15 am
it's called "dolly, live from london." it's the latest in a career that's spanned so many years. 25 number 1 hits. 100 million albums sold. but she counts her blessings, before her many hits. ♪ please come back and tell me what i did wrong ♪ ♪ and i'll make it up to you if you'll just come back home ♪ >> reporter: dolly parton once said, if you don't like the road you're walking, pave another one. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene ♪ >> reporter: that's just what this trail-bladesing song bird has done in country music for nearly 50 years. ♪ in years gone by in my tennessee ♪ ♪ my home mixing her downhome charm with indelible voice and prolific song writing skills.
8:16 am
she is the queen of country. with 25 number 1 hits and 41 top 10 albums on the country charts. 100 million records sold worldwide. >> i'm going to get that gun of mine. and i'm going to change you from a rooster to a hen, with one shot. >> reporter: along the way, becoming a role model for women in movies, like "9 to 5." ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ barely getting by it's all taking and no giving ♪ >> reporter: she has become a brand of her own, with her own theme park, dollywood. various charities and broadway musicals. but no matter how successful she gets, dolly never forgets where she came from. ♪ i believe in music oh, i believe in love ♪ >> what a treat. what an honor to have miss dolly parton here this morning. >> thank you. that takes me back so far, seeing all that stuff.
8:17 am
>> some of that is from right here. >> yes. and that big hair. it's still big. but the hard hair. a lot spent right here in the ryman auditorium. it's the home of the grand ole opry. >> isn't this sacred? >> it is. they call it the mother church of the grand ole opry. it is housed in what was once a church. it has that sacred feeling for me. >> it's always a pleasure to have you here in these hallowed grounds. london. you have this brand-new dvd out. it's great. "live from london." and you were saying, the audience there's, how do they receive you? >> they're wonderful. we don't get to go that often. i've had many fans there for many years. they really want to show you how much they appreciate you. they know all the songs. they get so involved. we had a wonderful time. we have a wonderful dvd and cd in the same package.
8:18 am
you feel like you're right there with us. >> you already have 25 number one hits. 100 million albums sold. what's a few more? >> it's always good. i made the joke. i made the money. it costs a lot to make this person look this cheap. that's not really a joke, though. that's the biggest truth i've ever told. >> but you're a doctor these days. >> that's right. i'm dr. dolly. i was honored at the university of tennessee, just a while back. that was a great honor. you never get tired of the wonderful things that you get through the years. >> you -- i was saying this to you. we've been going country all week long. when i told folks you were going to be our grand finale, you know how beloved you are and how much you are appreciated for everything that you have done? >> well, i've been at this a long time. people feel like they know me. i'm kind of like a relative. it feels good to have people say nice things about you. especially that i've been able to still stay here for all these
8:19 am
many years, when some of them don't get that good luck. i feel like i'm rolling right along. i admire a lot of the new folks, as well. it's a nice compliment, when they have nice things to say. >> it was a big night. >> have you had fun here? >> i have a good time when i come to music city. >> they love you. >> let's bust some myths about you. >> bust them, did you say? >> now, dolly. i didn't mean that when i said "bust," okay? >> we'll do some things about that, as well. i'll bet you. >> we know that -- you have said before, that you kind of composed "9:00 to 5:00," our nails. >> you have to have falseys. >> there's other things i was wondering about. you once lost a dolly parton look-alike contest. you lost that contest? >> true. at a halloween contest, years ago. on santa monica boulevard. all the guys dressed like me p i overexaggerated my look. i walked on stage. they're like, she's too short. that's not dolly.
8:20 am
but anyway, we always got a joke. i didn't really pursue it to that degree. i just went for the spoof of it. but i didn't win. i didn't even come in close, i don't think. >> i'm sure. that's setting a record. here we have another one. your hit song "jolene" is about your husband's high school sweetheart? >> sort of. that one's kind of a true and false. he did have a girl. we did have a girl that worked at the bank that he did have a crush on and had a crush on him early on. but the actual song was not about her. her name was not jolene. but, yeah. i was playing along with that one. >> poetic license. >> exactly. >> you have that. miley cyrus, true or false. you're her god mother? >> i'm her honorary god mother. her father's a friend of mine. when she was born, you said, you have to be her god mother. i accept. we never did do big ceremonies. but i'm proud of her and love her. she's like one of my own. >> when we told people i would
8:21 am
have a chance to sit down with you, i said what questions do you have? we have time for just a couple of questions. >> okay. >> crystal from calhoun, georgia, wants to know, what's the one thing you cannot leave the house without? >> my makeup. and my hair. anything to do with my look. >> you can't leave home without it. >> no. not unless i was just being sent to the emergency room. >> you make that look good. you know that you do. >> good. >> one more question. it's from diane in tennessee. she said, i've been in a fan over 30 years. and my question to you is, what has been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on stage? >> well, actually, there are several things that happened. clothes bust apart on stage. >> no. >> seriously, i have. once at dollywood, once when it was new, i had a beaded dress that was really, very, very tight. and it popped right in the middle of a song. and my background singer came over. got the guitar. and put it against me.
8:22 am
because my dress keeped coming forward. he backed me offstage. backed me into the dressing room. i changed and came back out on stage. i wear my clothes awfully tight. >> always the pro. always the pro. thank you so much. continued blessings to you. >> we hate to see you go. but thank you for coming by. >> anytime. dolly parton. working 9:00 to 5:00, here on "good morning america." we'll be right back. grilled chi. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 that fit into your budget and your lunch hour. only at red lobster.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist susan shrek. we have lots of rain out there. light in nature but still is very steady. we have lots of winds. we're also looking at coastal flood watches and warnings. the watches are in the blue. we're seeing warnings in the green. we have a gayle warning right up the bay. be aware of that. flood tides looking at 2 to 3 feet above normal on the west side of the bay. we're looking at rain coming in off the ocean and of course out of the remains of what was hurricane ivan. we'll be looking at that throughout the day today. light in nature. it's steady and prolonged. that gives us about an inch
8:26 am
today and more tomorrow. so for this morning, 47 degrees, we'll look at light rain. windy, especially this afternoon into this evening. only 50 degrees for day time highs. going to be on the chilly side today. let's look at the roads, here's kim. >> we have a busy morning so far and a messy commute to let you know about. here on the west side, we don't have incidents working on the beltway fortunately, but expect a slow down between 95 and the interchange. new crash, eastbound route 70 as you approach route 29. use caution. earlier accident, bw parkway, patapsco avenue and 895, just cleared to the shoulder. expect long delays on the bw parkway. howard county, after rosemary lane, that earlier crash has it closed. detour will be burtwoods drive. we also have a new crash coming
8:27 am
in route 195 at route 1. as we take a peak at the jfx this is running slow through to st. paul street. give yourself lots of time before you head out. we'll be right back with your morning news update next. >> thanks for joining us this morning. let's look at local headlines we're following this morning. the sincerely for a convicted killer. police want to talk to a man that they think is behind the
8:28 am
brutal rape and murder of a 15-year-old boy. dante parrish was convicted of murder in 1999 and sentenced to 30 years in prison but was released in january. jason madison was found gagged with a pillowcase and stabbed in the neck and head. opening arguments will begin in the theft trial of baltimore city mayor sheila dixon today. the state prosecutor says the mayor used hundreds of dollars worth of giftcards donated by developers intended for needy families. these cards were given by patrick turner and ronald lipscomb but there could be a third developer. remember to stay with abc2 news for the latest on mayor dixon's
8:29 am
trial. beginning at 5:00 in the evening, we'll have the latest on what happened inside the courtroom today. when you're not in front of your television, you can always get the latest updates online on and here's what we have coming up on good morning maryland at 9:00. a new program with a new direction and new era for the baltimore city police department. we're out of time but we'll see you at 9:00. have a great morning.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ you see that. you know who they are. look at those beautiful dalmatians. the new stars of the "101 dalmatians" musical. real rags-to-riches dog tale here. all rescued from around the country. stars, whining with excitement. we have them here this morning, as a little treat. >> few sequins on their spots. and robin roberts, still in nashville this morning. come on home. >> i am. i'm headed that way. i wanted to say good-bye one last time. good-bye, dolly.
8:31 am
have a great day. >> thank you. >> the dolly has left the building, at the ryman auditorium. it was so great last night. it really was. taylor swift. we've been talking about her. 19 years old, to win cma entertainer of the year, is absolutely phenomenal. brad paisley was a two-time winner last night, adding to his trophy case. darius rucker, newcomer of the year. it was a very special night of country music. i will say, we did go country this week on abc. it was a lot of fun. if you don't mind, i'm going to skedaddle and head on home. >> grab yourself some barbecue and get on back here. >> mm. that's not a problem. also coming up this morning, the international best-selling crime author, patricia cornwell, herself, is here. and she's renowned for the meticulously researched books. for all you learn reading them, as well as being on pins and needles for the next twist and turn. critics raving about the next creation. and a real-life case she's
8:32 am
trying to crack. everybody's favorite doctor is in kate walsh. we know her as addison montgomery. you look beautiful here this morning. a preview of tonight's "private practice." we need to know what's going on. >> also, a beautiful man this morning. a great thrill for baseball fans, including yours truly. mr. joe torre, manager of the los angeles dodgers, back in new york. it's great to have you. this is a very important event for you. domestic violence is the theme. this isn't just a theme for you. it's something you know all-too well. >> my dad abused my mom. he never physically hit me. but the emotional scars that i carried into my adult life were very tough. very tough. and so, our safe at home foundation, we basically have safe rooms for children in schools. in fact, we're opening another one on monday, in the new york area. we just moved out to l.a. we're going to start some out there.
8:33 am
it's geared towards education in hopes of ending the cycle of domestic violence through education. with the youngsters. >> and very important because the trauma goes on long after the actual event itself. and there's a need for a continuum of care. you're addressing that, as well. tell us about margaret's place. >> well, margaret's place. margaret was my mom. she passed away in 1974. if she was still with us, she wouldn't want me to share this with anybody. that's the stigma. it's a terrible, terrible thing that goes on. and yet, nobody wants to talk about it. we're here to raise awareness. and margaret's place is a room where youngsters -- if i had a margaret's place when i was growing up, at least i would have found out it wasn't my fault. i wasn't the only one dealing with this. so, we try to give these youngsters the tools to cope with what goes on in their s. and, you know, we've -- we're very proud of the work we've done in the last seven years.
8:34 am
>> and it's very needed. the gala is a big night. you're going to be honoring mr. mariano rivera. the sandman. he's coming in. you're going to have stars there. this is a cause. and you are a man that everyone wants to come out for. yes? >> i'm just so proud for everybody that's given up their time. derek jeter. posada. rivera, we're honoring him. spike lee. lorraine bracco. we have a lot of celebrities coming out to help us honor mariano. and raise some money for our foundation. this is our seventh annual at chelsea piers here at new york. >> the information will be on the website. skipper, it's great to have you here. it's better to have you joe torre, right here. than scream it from right field. it's easier. you can get information at the safe at home foundation. go to our website, time for the weather and sam. >> it's amazing to have joe torre in the house.
8:35 am
>> it's me with joe torre. it's me with joe torre. >> we'll be hearing about this for weeks. martha, come on over here. who is this? >> this is jada. >> hi, jada. we're about to talk with jada and 101 friends. we're going to fill the studio with dalmatians. well, kind of. one or two things we want you to know about. hey. side of the face kiss. here's what's going on with that low, which is really a nor'easter. it will take the characteristics as it pounds the virginia coast, on into delaware. later, over the next 24, it will start to crawl up. new york and boston, while you're out of the worst effects today, you'll get sloppy during the day tomorrow. spokane, with 39 degrees. most of the nation is showing off with some great temperatures. dallas at 74 degrees today. st. louis at 63. minneapolis is a little co
8:36 am
see the face. go ahead. see the face. all that weather was brought to you by the united states postal service. chris? >> all right, sam. don't let him nibble on your ear. we're lucky to have america's best-selling crime writer, at it again. here with us. more than 20 years that readers have been following the adventures of kay scarpetta, the steely chief medical examiner. and we're back with "the scarpetta factor," and patricia cornwell. it's great to have you here. >> it's great to be here. >> it's interesting that the forensics you know and the diagnostics, it's the human
8:37 am
sense that the character is using to find their way around the city. >> it's really funny you would say that. that's really what "the scarpetta factor" means. the factor is her. all the good stuff, the medicine, the science, but at the end of the day, it's her wits, her humanitarian sensibilities that leads her through a difficult morass of events. >> can i take a guess why that is? >> why? >> we've talked before, about the proliferation of dependency on forensics. people on juries think you can prove everything through high-tech science on tv. is this a reaction to get back to what you know gets it done? >> it is a reaction. i've seen the trend in the last 20 years. and actually, what is so well-known is the "csi" effect, is damaging, not only to police work and crime scenes, but also to the judicial system. people think they know things because of dramas on tv.
8:38 am
and they're messing court cases. technology is wonderful. but you have to have common sense experience, enlightenment and insight if you want to get the job done. >> and part of your brilliance to tell the story, is most cases wind up being circumstantial. most are inference, as opposed to being definitive. >> that's right. even dna, you've got to put it into context. why is that dna there? that might not be telling you the right answer. you need to look at the whole picture. this is the human factor. this is what scarpetta brings to the difficult situations she faces in new york in this book. and it's what investigators bring to really difficult cases, as well. >> you would know because you actually are a real investigator, which gives you a huge leg up. >> i hang out with the real ones. i pick up a lot mu through osmo.
8:39 am
>> i'm going to push up on you now. >> i'm ready. >> angelina jolie, true or false, will play scarpetta in the movie? >> true. that's the plan. a lot has to happen for this all to get there. i have to admit, and this is the first time i've said this publicly, he's my first choice. i've met her. she is brilliant. she flies planes. she rides motorcycles. she's a great actress. >> not diane sawyer. interesting choice. >> diane's busy. she has other things to do. otherwise, she would be a good one, wouldn't she? >> there's controversy. that's all i'll say. also, the word that there may be a big revelation about scarpetta in the next book that you're working on right now. anything? >> that's true. that's true. i will just say it puts her on a very big stage. and it gets her involved with government. i won't say anything else. and people are going to have fun with it. and they're going to see her in a scenario they've never seen
8:40 am
her before. >> scarpetta will be president of the united states, true or false? >> i won't say. i don't think she'd want that job. that's a tough one. >> it does prove to be that way. a lot of excitement surrounding the book, as always. i know you're just as excited to be continuing the story line. thank you for sharing with us. >> it's my pleasure for being here. >> pleasure's mine. >> thanks. take care. so what comes to mind when we
8:41 am
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an and now, actress kate walsh, otherwise known, of course, as dr. addison montgomery of "private practice." and she has riveted everyone watching that show. she's in the studio this morning to tell us -- i want to know how it's made. i want to know, day-to-day, how you get up and make a show that requires so much of you in it every week. >> yeah. we usually start on mondays. about 5:30 in the morning. and -- >> 5:30 in the morning on mondays. >> that's my monday, usually.
8:44 am
the first scene out. and if i work in every scene, which often times i do, i usually get done, if we keep our day, about 8:00 at night. and then, it progressively gets longer and later throughout the week. >> do you get crankier and crankier throughout the week? are you perfectly cheerful all the time? >> i would love to say i'm always cheerful. i think cranky. we all get cranky. but thankfully, we have a team of experts that keep us all together. >> what's the hardest part of it for you? >> i think it's the kind of accepting that you kind of have to pace yourself because it is such a long -- you know, we do 22 to 24 episodes a year, which means about 10 months straight of work. i think it's the pacing of it because as an actor and you get used to it. if you do theater or movies, there's a beginning, middle and end. and you can throw down and commit because you know you'll have a rest. i think the hardest part is learning how to pace yourself.
8:45 am
you know? >> well, i want to talk about this clip because there's always a twist. we were talking about chandra rhymes, the creator of it. and she always turns it just enough, that you say, oh. here we go again. >> yeah. >> and this is you and taye diggs. >> yeah. >> you're out hiking. >> we take a moment. a little respite. >> here it is, from "private practice." >> what if you had said yes? >> yes to what? >> when n mexico, when i asked you out. right. >> sam? >> what if you had said yes? >> i mean, i couldn't. i mean, eva, was, is, my best friend. >> we messed around. we got married. and we got divorced. you got married. you got divorced. i'm asking you now, what if you said yes? do you think we would have had a shot at making it? >> ah. artful end of the clip there.
8:46 am
>> yeah. >> what are the benefits of being able to do of the show? i gather that you get to use the set designer to help you with home decoration. >> there is that. >> unbelievable. and we have pictures. >> she did an amazing job. melissa le vander. i love the set so much, i asked her -- i didn't want her to feel pressured. but she gratefully, you know, acquiesced. we had a great time collaborating on that. and just did a wonderful job. >> it's beautiful. really is. >> in our theme this morning, from dolly parton to now, a group of people got together. your fans who have a quick series of questions for you. are you ready for your turn? >> i think so. >> all right. what you cannot stop eating? >> potato chips. >> your favorite way to begin every day? >> a strong cappuccino.
8:47 am
and maybe a little prayer, too. >> and do you have an anthem? a motto? a rededication to yourself every day? >> i try to -- this may sound cheesy, but it's true. i try to make in my mind or the writing down a gratitude list every day. it kind of keeps me in the right frame of mind. >> you do it in the morning? >> in the morning, on the way to work. sometimes in traffic, when you're about to get into some road rage. i kind of get into a little gratitude for my life. >> nice. i love to think of you at 5:30 in the morning, heading to work, making your list. >> yeah. >> that's a nice thing. >> sometimes, it's as simple as ten fingers, ten toes. yeah. >> start simple. >> yeah. >> kate walsh. love seeing you here. and, of course, "private practice" tonight at 9:00, 10:00 central.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ do ♪ do you want to be hot like me hotter than the ♪ that is the unmistakable cruella de vil, singing "hot." it's "101 dalmatians" the musical. touring cities around the country. this is directed by tony winner, jerry zaches. and 15 shows featuring dalmatians. and trained by joe slaben. we have some in place. we have a couple more walking the red carpet. we're talking about a big show. see if we get them all in position. hey. wow. >> there they go. >> joe, first of all, these dogs are not hollywood dogs. they're rescue dogs. >> they're kind of hollywood dogs now. >> now. >> they've got a better life now. but tell me some of the conditions that some of them were in when you found them.
8:51 am
>> sam, from one or two situations, mostly. these were dogs that were either on the streets as strays. somebody picked them up, found them. took them to a humane society or dalmatian rescue. or they were dogs that were surrendered by their owners to a rescue or humane society. that's where we got them from. >> amazing opportunity there. we've told you there are actors and singers. there's some things that you can't train dogs to do. i don't know if they can make singing sounds. but you need them to get a tune. we have actual tape of the show, where the singers and the dancers can perform with the dogs, as well, in there. and then, there are -- well, look at it for just a second. ♪ 101 dalmatians >> that's great. one of the things i noticed is some of these are liver spotted. they're not all the one color. some of them are black and white. some of them are more liver
8:52 am
color. >> correct. two are the liver dalmatians. and gracie, you see one of the behaviors from the show. >> what are the stunts you train them to do in the show? >> as you saw on the "b" roll right there, at the end of the show, one of the scenes right before intermission, the drawog are in front of cruella de vil's house. this is not the entire crew right here. >> didn't have room for them all. >> also, at the end of the show, the dogs come in one or two at a time. and they transform cruella de vil's hall, into a great, colorful, new house. and all of the behaviors the dogs perform is something that is a cause and effect that causes something to happen, to transform that house. >> we have to see the show to see what the dogs do. gracie does do a stunt, though. this is gracie's big moment. she's really the understudy. >> she's learning to be a backup for one of the other dogs. and she's mowing the lawn right
8:53 am
in front of cruella de vil's house. she's been working for months to back up tanner, one of our other dogs. this is her first time under the lights and in front of people and everything. >> it's been such a pleasure. not allowed to pet them because they're performing. we will love on them during the break. "101 dalmatians" musical is on a 30-city tour. to find out more on the musical, we'll link you to the spots and the times at we'll be right bac hi. hey, i need a new cell phone. well, right now you can get verizon wireless plus fios tv, internet and phone. wow. that really is beautiful, isn't it? it's gorgeous. who would know? no one would know. would anyone know? hey, buddy, what are you doing here? i believe that answers my question. (announcer) get the best of everything. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today, and get all four services together - verizon fios tv, internet and phone,
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robin's on her way back. we will see you tomorrow right back here in times square. >> we'll tell you where to find the best deals for the holidays. you can do it right now. >> why not? >> have a great day. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist susan shrek. little on the dreary side for us this morning. we'll have rain throughout the day. it's causing some problems. coastal watches and warnings. we have a gayle warning for the bay itself. we're looking at a high tide of 2 to 3 feet above normal. we could have problems on the west side of the bay. taking a look at what's happening on the radar, we have all this rain coming in out of the southeast, the breeze comes off the ocean, carries with it moisture and rain. we'll see that all day today. it'll be light for the most part in nature, it is going to be prolonged. we're looking at about an inch today. 47 degrees around the region this morning. 50. not a lot of change by noon. that's about as warm as we're going to get. windy conditions, also that drizzle and cold conditions mean it's not going to be the nicest day for us today. let's check the roads now.
8:58 am
here's kim. the roadways are very nasty at this time. we look at the northeast corner of the beltway. look at these delays. this stretches between southwest boulevard and providence road this morning. give yourself lots of extra time if you haven't headed out the door yet. lots of road closures. new crash in cockeysville. shawon road at beaver dam road. westminster, route 27, ridge road at stone chapel road closed in both directions because of a crash. westbound route 32, after rosemary lane remains closed because of an earlier crash. rorg
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